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Find Protected 2.0

Find Protected 2.0: Search for password protected files on local disks and across a network files. After selecting the types of protected files that you want to find and the location to search in, you run the scan. The result of the inspection is a list of discovered password protected files. Date and Size filters in Find Protected allow you to speed-up the search process. You may require to search for recently created or changed files or find files of specific size. Once you have found password protected files, these can be copied to a

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Public Search Tuvalu 3.1.50

Search Tuvalu! Public Search Tuvalu correctional files database - Access Public Search Tuvalu correctional files database now! You could conduct an exhaustive correctional files search in Public Search Tuvalu from your entire network of specialized databases to find the record details. Order a correctional files search in Public Search Tuvalu now to get more information on the files. Our database has the largest nationwide database of correctional

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DRMsoft Pdf to EXE Encrypter 9.0: PDF to EXE Converter, encrypt and convert pdf to exe with password protected
DRMsoft Pdf to EXE Encrypter 9.0

files into exe files that can only be opened when a Open Password is provided (PC-binding or Non-PC-binding), and users can only open the encrypted pdf files after obtaining the Open Password provided by you. The encrypted file support One Computer One Password. You can either distribute Open Password offline, or use your website(customized function). Key Features : The encrypted files can be used to achieve the following: • Multiple encryption

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Sesame 1.1: Encrypts files and directories.
Sesame 1.1

encrypted files look as if nothing happened to them, file date and time are left unchanged, file icon is also preserved in most cases. Only from Sesame window user may see a hanging padlock picture on icons of those files that were encrypted. And second is, that if you choose, you may even start the program with a secret keys combination, instead of using a desktop shortcut or start menu item. As with other encryption managers, you may send encrypted

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BladeBox eXtreme 4.0

encrypted volumes, which are AES-ENCRYPTED files which can be mounted as if they were disk drives (with their own drive letter too). Virtual Encrypted Volumes (VEV) are seen and considered by the operating system as if they were actual volumes (drives), they have a drive letter, a volume name, and you can see them inside your My Computer resources and inside the Windows Explorer. BUT actually they are transparently encrypted files on disk. Every

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Cryptosystem ME6 9.92: For encryption and decryption of single or multiple files in multiple folders.
Cryptosystem ME6 9.92

files which can be encrypted in a single operation is limited only by disk space. You can select a single file to be encrypted (or decrypted) by means of the usual Windows file selection dialog box. Multiple files can be selected by using wildcards, e.g., *.txt to encrypt all files with txt suffix. You also specify whether you want to overwrite the original files with their encrypted (or decrypted) versions or to produce encrypted (or decrypted)

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CryptArchiver CryptArchiver Encryption Software - Hide & Encrypt Important Files and Folders.

Encrypted Drive that can only be accessed with a password. Files stored in this drive are automatically encrypted on-the-fly. Once loaded, the encrypted drive is like any other drive. When you unload the encrypted drive, it disappears from Windows! No one can access your data without the password. Load the Encrypted Drive again with the password, to access your files. You can protect all types of files - be it email, databases, spreadsheets, text

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